pink pick-me-up

i find myself needing a little pick-me-up this morning and it seems that a shot of pink is just the trick. i fell in love with this space by ames ingham when i spotted it on fallon’s beautiful blog a lovely being — we’ve seen so many spaces with a pop of pink in flowers or pillows but i love the risk the designer took with pink paint on the walls. doesn’t it look fabulous? it’s definitely not for everyone but i think i would feel right at home.

i love the french doors and the lucite coffee table.
aren’t the chairs amazing? i love how nicely the art above the fireplace complements the throw pillows on the couch.
what do you think? boyfriends and husbands aside, could you handle a pink room?

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  1. haha before I read your caption under the pictures, I was thinking to myself…”only reason i wish i didn’t live with my husband is that he would never go for a pink room”…told my daughter (21,college senior) today she should use pink while she was young girly and single…LOVE PINK! I think I’m going to sneak it into my dining room!

  2. i love, love, love these rooms… but don’t think i could do something this sumer sweet for my home. love seeing the lucite coffee table though – just scored one off craigslist for $40 this weekend 🙂

  3. i love the idea of a pink room–i actually want pink damask wallpaper!! but what im liking even more about these photos is that lucite coffee table!

  4. YES! I’d love a pink room — especially in an unexpected room like a living room. I’ve been dying for one ever since I saw Windsor Smith’s pink living room in House Beautiful last year…

  5. Pretty!!
    I just commented on your other blog regarding Paris. If you could help me with things to do/see/eat in Paris that would be super helpful! Thanks 🙂

  6. i actually really like this. the pink is really refreshing and i think i’d try it. the furniture and accents really make it all work together.

    if you lived by me i would totally hire you to come over and throw some ideas around my place. you’ve got a great eye for spotting things.

  7. I LOVE pink rooms and had them my whole life until recently because boys just can’t handle it… gosh I miss a pink wall! In my opinion there is not a better and happier color than pink…

  8. My husband would never agree to this! It would be nice to have several rooms in different colours and styles – you could choose which room to spend your day in, depending on your mood!!!

  9. these pink rooms are so lovely — could be forever happy surrounded by pink, i should think . . .

    {p.s.} also following up — had sent along an e-mail to this address:

    and just wanted to be certain you received it?

  10. Such a lovely room. I think if I were single I would definitely go for a pink room! xo

    p.s. We will be in Nantucket 7/5 -15th

  11. yea pink isn’t my thing, but I like that this space isn’t overly girly. The natural rug, and more masculine chairs and sofa make it a real neat space. All that light doesn’t hurt too!

    Have you started your fabulous internship yet??