the foyer says “welcome” in a way no other room can. why? because by the time your guests reach your fabulously decorated living room or your glamorously high-tech kitchen, they’ve already formed their first impression of your home. make it a good one by brushing up on a few of my favorite foyers:

scour flea markets and tag sales for unique items could use as a console table — a place for keys and mail but more importantly the spot to stage a welcoming little vignette with fresh flowers and personal objets d’art.
incorporate color strategically. i believe this room is actually a master bath (can you imagine?) but the way the designer moves your eye around the space (orange in the photograph, then the boxes on the table, then the bag on the floor, then the throw blanket in the next room) should be applied to the foyer as well.
the foyer is also a great place to incorporate more luxurious fabrics or finishes than in the rest of your room. worried your kiddos will find a way to ruin your silk-covered stools? relocate them to the foyer, where they’ll be used far less frequently but still contribute to strong visual impact.
your foyer should speak to the style of the rest of your home. think of it as giving your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come — beachy, minimalist, vintage, modern, etc.
what does your foyer look like?

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  1. I love the windsor smith photo. The photo on the wall is stunning and I think the Wellies under the marble table are such an adorable touch. If this really is a master bath, holy cow! What a master bath!

  2. love the orange accents in the windsor smith shot, and the clean minimalist decor of the first. if only i had a foyer… sigh. xx

  3. Love these. Although we don’t have a foyer. You walk right into our living room:) We live in an original 1950’s beach cottage. So, it’s a give and take. I will however, mark this post because one day I will have one and I’ll need your ideas:)

  4. Love love love that first photo!! We unfortunately don’t have a foyer, our front door enters into our dining room. Which I hate. It makes it really challenging to decorate an entryway type space, I must have redone it a dozen times by now and I’m still not happy with it.