we’re expecting a high temperature of 92 degrees here today! we’ve already discussed dressing to beat the heat but today i’ve got one simple wish: a pool! there’s no better way to cool off on a sweltering summer day… and as these examples prove, they can be très chic to boot!

i’d even settle for a shady outdoor nook…
how are you keeping cool these days?

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  1. I am staying cool by stepping outside to feel the heat, then I go back inside and say ahh, cool here!~
    I love the summer and all your images are stunning.
    Any one would please me….now!

  2. Love this post…I am working on a pool post too (started before I found your blog this morning). It was a reader request, and it seemed like such a natural fit given the sweltering temperatures…

    Love your blog, it is always a great thing to find a new source of inspiration!

  3. I hear you! it’s hot here in boston too. Great article on Camilla’s blog! Lucky you getting to work with Jonathan Adler. I am jealous 🙂

  4. i keep cool by sitting in my a/c office all day long and blogging from there =) but i wouldn’t mind swapping my current seat with one of them lovely sun beds too =)


  5. Thankyou sooo…. much for commenting on Our blog. Wow 93 degrees is extremly hot. We live in chicago and It was just tornados here. But anyway those pictures of the pools look amazing. Wish we could be by one!!!

    please vist us at:

  6. I;m not! I thought I was going to literally melt today, nyc is sooo humid. I would love to be lounging by one of the gorgeous pools right now, SIGH.

    xoxo, Ashley

  7. i would so love to have a pool… see as i grew up in Rio de Janeiro i had pool and beach as daily options to go through the whole year (since it is hot during the whole year) – oh boy i miss that lifestyle! why we appreciate things when we don’t have them anymore?

  8. Unfortunately it’s not glamorous! Living in a Southern California desert in the summer means over 100 degrees regularly, and THAT means hibernating inside with the a/c and the shades drawn. 😉 Pools are good, but only if shaded. Good luck handling that heat, and humidity. At least I don’t have the latter!

  9. Yes, please, I need to be epool side too. It is scorching hot here in NYC today, def has to be in the 90’s. Great images!


    PS- Im hosting a fun summer wardrobe giveaway today. Hope you stop by!

  10. I have a ridiculous habit of looking at almost every outdoor space and configuring in my head how one could put a pool there. Seriously, the tiniest yard or the most industrial of rooftops are no obstacle for my imagination…Must.Have.Pools.

  11. These pools are amazing. I would love to have one in my backyard. I would be in it right now! As for the second to last image, two families I babysat, had almost this exact same pool with decor, in their backyards. Loved them!