friday finds

thank god it’s friday! here are some lovely finds from this week on the interwebs.

scented glossy magazines made my week by confirming that flipping out will return on august 10…
katie discovered a treasure trove of vintage scarves
i was shocked to learn i won an amazing giveaway on roséline’s gorgeous blog
sarah shone the spotlight on milan
is it just me or does this forever 21 ring look a little like kenneth jay lane?
ally deepened her devotion to art walls
garance shared this beauty
i spent entirely too much time drafting a response to bailey’s question on trends
and i documented a day in my shoes as a jonathan adler intern for high-heeled foot in the door. please check it out if you have a chance and have a most wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hey Mackenzie, It’s Hilary from It’s been a while since I commented last but I just wanted to let you know that I read your daily account at “High-Heeled Foot in the Door” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Best of luck with your internship and school preparations for Bucknell! I’ll be keeping up here as usual.

  2. Okay, first off, you are so darn cute! and I adore your top—Anthropologie? It’s so pretty and chic…

    I love these links and can’t wait to go through and visit some of them. Also, thank you so much for the link love… I wish I knew more about that clutch you love. It’s pretty fun! Off to see the links + wishing you a fantastic weekend, lovely lady 🙂


  3. Okay this is all such good stuff! NO more wondering what I should be reading this weekend! This gives me a ton to keep me occupied. For now I will say: Yes that looks like KJLane. And yes, I love Jeff Lewis and cannot wait for him to hit Bravo again. Think he wants a partner?

  4. all great news but i just read the post on high-heeled foot in the door and i am so happy you are working with such a legend, congrats my dear! I also want to say that i loved the comment you left me, it really touched me

    best lucky with the new opportunities!

  5. Look at you snapping photos with JA! You’re on your way girlie:) And I am beyond excited that Jeff and Zoila are coming back into my life soon. Really, it’s been too long. Have a great weekend M!

  6. That ring is gorgeous!!! It does look exactly like the Kenneth Jay Lane ring. And that guy in the first post is totally dreamy. Have a great weekend.


  7. i’m going to click on the link and read about a day in your shoes tout de suite!

    first though – thanks for your kind words…and ps – i love jeff lewis. he’s a little crazy but that’s what makes him so appealing. pass the chardonnay.

    have a great weekend mackenzie!!

  8. Just found your blog via High-Heeled and was excited to see you at Bucknell… my brother is a professor at Bucknell! Perhaps we should arrange to get a cup of coffee the next time I’m up to visit him so you can tell this total stranger how amazing your summer was. 🙂

  9. How did I miss your In Her Shoes installment?!?!? Going over right now…

    (And that pick of you and Adler is ADORABLE!)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hey little sweet pea, I LOVED your guest post and left you a little comment love over there! You are so adorable and I am so proud of you and all your accomplishing! You’re amazing! xoxo Happy weekend, wish I could be enjoying some Coldstone ice cream with you hon! xo – Trishy

  11. Loved reading about your day! I always love “a day in the life” type stuff, and your doggies are super adorable! Must run to buy that forever 21 ring in every color now, have a great weekend!!