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  1. First of all your images are beautiful Mackenzie. And isn’t the best part of summer that simple beauty regimen? The sun has given us our natural foundation and all we have to do accessories. I love it. =)

  2. *sigh* so pretty + natural!

    I start off with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, air dry for 15 min. then blow dry for 5-10. Lately, with my new cut, I have forgone styling with a curling iron or straightener, so I move right on to makeup: eye and brow liner, a bit of white under the arches, bronzer on the eyelids working my way to a richer brown, ending with mascara and a touch of bronzer on my cheeks. No foundation. ever. Am I low/high maintenance? I don’t know, but I want to look as natural as possible 🙂

  3. Beauty is skin deep, so a diet of mostly raw fruits and veggies and a skin care regime of cleanse tone and moisturize with spf, lip gloss, mascara, a little blush and go! (eye cream is a must)

  4. I love simple make-up for the day, but definitely wish I could rock the simple effortless look with my hair! Something we can take and embrace from Parisian women who have this au naturel look down to a T!

  5. I kid you not when I tell you I have dreams of this beauty regimine. I would LOVE to be able to just swip swip swipe my way to natural beauty, but an unfortunate case of adult onset acne has crushed that little bunny dream. Although, my new MD skin wipey magic things seem to be helping, so hopefully I will be foundation free in no time. There is no worse feeling than wearing foundation when it is hot as balls out.

  6. i agree! last week i started to notice i was looking really run down at the end of the day–and then i realized it was from my eye make up! so all weekend and today i wore nothing but mascara, concealer, and blush. i look so much more refreshed!

  7. I wish I looked like these ladies when I woke up! Most days I’m just a mascara lip gloss kinda gal, but I love going all out and putting on a full “face” for special occasions. I love make-up ; )

    xx Katie

  8. The first image is so beautiful…I only use a little lipstick and a face cream….but I wish I would look like one of those cutes:)
    Have a wonderful MOnday,sweetie

  9. I feel almost foolish mentioning my beauty regimen here because it’s not much (but it is mine!)

    morning and evening – 100% pure nourishing facial oil. it is amazing and wards off father time like no other. no toxins either.

    bare minerals – easiest makeup ever.

    light blush on the cheeks, gloss on the lips and out the door.

    evening – fresh soy face wash to get off the day. 3x/week fresh sugar face polish to exfoliate and nourish.

    that’s it!

    if you figure out the divine hair, i would love to know. it’s rat’s nest central over here.

  10. Hey sweetheart! Gorgeous pictures Mackenzie dear, as always, I adore the natural beauty look (you pull that off brilliantly!) Especially in this wicked heat, I am content with a bit of bronzer and mascara and a dab of lip gloss. Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

  11. Very beautiful.
    p.s. I am having a Bare Minerals giveaway if you are interested. (That is as about as natural as I’ll get)! xo

  12. This is exactly the kind of make-up I love for summer. So easy and pretty.

    My hair can NEVER get that good though. It’s too dang straight, alas.

  13. Sigh they are so beautiful!!! I definitely do have quite the beauty regimine…I’m in the industry after all so I have to try try try all the time 🙂

    But overall I think I look more natural that you’d think. I big on skincare & hair care {my hair is curly so I blow it out every day} and don’t wear that much makeup…only some eyeshadow mascara bronzer & lipgloss so I guess that’s why people think I’m lower maintenance than I really am 🙂

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend sweetie! xoxo

  14. I love a natural look, especially in the hot summer months. I’m all about the sunscreen, blush, mascara. And yeah, if my hair could look like that in its air dried state I would be a very happy girl!

  15. So pretty, and perfect for summer! Hot weather is the perfect excuse to skip the blow-dryer and heavy make-up. I’m all about the leave-in conditioner and clean skin!

  16. I admit I’m a bit more high maintenance but I do still love the fake natural look (it’s rarely as natural as it looks!) 🙂 The girl in the first photo has amazing eyes and eyelashes!