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one of the dozens of projects on my summer to-do list is to finally do something with all the pages i tear out of magazines. i want to avoid the teenager/magazine-plastered walls look and create an inspiration board. wouldn’t it be nice to hang one in your closet to get inspired while you get dressed in the morning?

have you ever made an inspiration board? any advice for a first-timer?

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  1. Mackenzie!

    I love! the blog. My advice to the inspirational board desire is to give it time. Put only the things that are meaningful to you, don’t just fill it with empty space. Let things hang at angles and give it dimension by tacking up paper cups (my favorite are the colorful holiday season Starbucks cups). They make perfect holders for fake flowers or movie ticket stubs.

  2. Love it! A great diy project for inspiration, indeed… I’ll take the second to last one, pretty please! Sometimes, a little inspiration goes a long way, especially on morning when your closet looks as if it is one great abyss!

    Hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂


  3. I keep inspiration notebooks from magazines, because I have an insane amount of articles saved up from years back. It helps reduce magazine clutter, too! My corkboard is more of a permanent thing, with fancy paper as the background, and special pictures, quotes, etc., decorating it.

  4. I started making inspiration boards for the new house, but you probably already know that bc I mention it all the time on my blog 🙂

    Mine are not this extensive…yet…hehee


  5. I rather love a well edited mood board or an inspiration board. I think making one that is unique to you is key.
    Finding a large bulletin board or folding screen, fabric, paint and a bit of ingenue ~ show us yours when you are ready. Vintage frames in white or a bold color….
    Bulletin boards covered with fabric….I can see it already.

  6. I LOVE it!!! I have been saving my mags too for this, and have been putting it off b/c I wasn’t sure how to make it look cute, and I am a huge perfectionist. Thanks for all the fun photos, totally inspired now:-)

  7. I love the idea of inspiration boards but I always seem to forget about them whenever I have enough extra time to make one. I do keep an interior design collage of inspiration on my computer though. I’d love to see how your’s turns out!

  8. Fraid not. Bought a bulletin board from BD for the express purpose but it’s currently just holding our Xmas cards (maybe I should take those down now that it’s July…), but I love the idea. Can’t wait to see your take on it!

  9. I love inspiration boards truly a great way to express your mood and also decorate a room with. On the other hand I change my mood so much so I stick to my journal instead.

    Have fun while creating yours 🙂

  10. Hey sweet pea! Loving your inspiration boards, I am sure yours is going to be GORGEOUS! I’m dying to hear what your readers have to say, I’ve been wanting to make one myself!

    BTW come on over, I have a fun tag for you honey! xoxo

  11. I just got finished making out board, now to hang it and start sticking. I ended up with 2 24×36 boards attached then together and wrapped them in fabric. I wanted something huge but didnt want to spend a top to get it.

  12. I’ve not done an inspiration board, but would absolutely like to. The images you showed here offer some great ideas…and I liked the comment from the person (sorry can’t remember who at this sec) who keeps hers on her closet door for ideas when choosing outfits. That’s a really good idea!

    Maybe I need to get one for my livingroom too. Argh

  13. Great pics! I keep an inspiration board on and off, it’s hard to keep on top of it. Good luck with yours, please post about it when you get it done! I’d love to see how it turned out!

  14. An inspiration board (or two or three) is on my to do list too. Currently all my clippings are in a folder which is not ideal to say the least. But I am stuck for ideas that don’t use pins or tiny magnet bits, I would be way too stressed out worrying that I would drop one and my little dog would end up eating them. Because she will eat absolutely anything that falls to the floor.

  15. I think inspiration boards are so cool, and yes, if I had a nice walk-in closet I’d have one in there. It’d be a good place to stick a ziploc bag on, to save all the many buttons too. 🙂

  16. Love inspiration boards! My friend has a cute, small one in her amazing closet. I actually have mine on my closet doors for everyday inspiration and when I go to pick something out to wear.

  17. i was thinking the other day – how i SO should of done this with my home – but i just went on a whim with everything – and kinda’ went free flowing with it all – NEXT time around tho – i’m SO gonna do “boards” – then again i might get too overwhelmed – BUT i wanna try it !!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  18. Hey Mackenzie!

    I need to get started on making one of these, too. I see so many that I love that I find it hard to decide which way I would like mine to look…let alone editing down the huge pile of tearsheets I have to make one with!

    Have a lovely Tuesday.

    Will xo