the perfect pair

happy wednesday, everyone! i’m still on the lookout for the right pair of chairs for the bay window in my future bedroom. i already lost out on one pair from craigslist but these rooms have me convinced that the perfect chairs are out there somewhere just waiting to be discovered.
p.s. i was interviewed by the lovely tuesdai of a reflection by tuesdai and would love for you to check it out here!

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  1. Love these spaces Mackenzie! And I agree with you about the perfect pair of chairs. They really do personalize a space.

    Have a great 4th July weekend!


  2. again. Back after having read the interview.
    Congratulations on the write up and on your achievements. I am loving your blog and have just added you to my blog roll. I am also your newest follower. How I haven’t done this earlier is beyond me.

    x Charlotta

  3. The chairs on Craigslist didn’t work out because there is probably something even better out there that is meant just for you! xo

  4. Chairs are so fun to shop for… and I just bet you’ll find the most perfect ones at the most unexpected moment… that’s how it was for me, when I was looking for a new design-y looking desk chair. Hope you find the perfect one 🙂


  5. Hi sweetie! Running over to check you out right now, how fun! I have been daydreaming about the wall of VOGUE all day since I read your post in my reader this morning. What a darling idea! Can’t wait to see what chairs you come up with!

    You are such a doll xoxo!

  6. I’m looking for some to put in our lounge, too! I adore that wall with the Vogue pictures! I’d love to do something similar but it’s so difficult to get the frames perfectly symmetrical…