Expert Styling

i definitely need to brush up on my styling! it’s such a crucial part of putting the finishing touches on a space and one of the first things i notice when looking at a new room. how pretty are these little vignettes?

maximalist styling, pretty pink flowers, and a little lacquer or shine… i’m taking notes!
what are your styling tricks?

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  1. it really is all about the details isn’t it – especially when the casual is in fact intentional and artful. If only my husband wouldn’t consider layers to be clutter!

  2. Oh wow, another incredible post! Love all of these images. My styling tricks are pretty simple, I love groups of similar items and/or colours and like them to be real and personal rather than anything too contrived.

  3. All these special touches are so lovely! I have a hard time finding those elements that complete a room! I have a lot to learn in terms of styling a room (I guess I’ll just stick to styling myself for now!!)

  4. I wish I had some! I just tinker until it “looks right”. Currently tinkering with the shelves on my new built ins. Not quite happy with them yet though.

  5. I usually adhere to a bit of feng shui and stick to odd groupings(mostly in threes). I don’t like clutter, but i have a ton of accessories that i change around to create a different look/vignette. I also like to layer textures and play around with the same colour in different tones etc.

  6. I think I need to take notes too. I always see people’s lovely, messy looking but totally on purpose little displays and wonder why I can never get mine to look like that. I have the same problem as Sweet Southern Prep mentioned, I don’t like clutter so my spaces often end up looking really bare.

  7. I’m a minimalist, no clutter! Less dust that way. 🙂 I thought that would be easier to decorate with less, but it’s a little difficult to make it look like you’ve decorated without it looking too sparse.