before and after {pin collection}

my sister, reilly, has been collecting pins for as long as i can remember. whenever someone is unsure what to gift her, an assortment of pins is an easy fallback and her collection has expanded accordingly. one day while snooping around the house for potential design projects, i decided i wanted to help my sister display her collection since her habit of pinning new finds onto an old lime green fleece jacket in her closet was hardly doing her hundreds of pins justice.

so i stealthily removed the offending jacket from her closet…
removed the pins with the help of our little brother, camden…
painted unfinished scrapbooking frames from michael’s (around $8 a pop)…
artfully arranged the pins on pieces of white felt ($1 per piece) cut to fit the frames…
set the felt in the frames…
and — voilà! — a pretty display for her bedroom and a tidy way to flaunt her impressive collection.

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  1. This is SO creative! I just love this idea!

    BTW I was going to tweet you what Jonathan Adler tweeted, but I saw you already got it, but I was thought of you instantly!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I really need to get into DIY again – I used to be so crafty when I was younger, but lately, I haven’t done anything at all.

    Andrea X

  3. You’re a clever girl, Mackenzie! These look great (and so much better than on that sweatshirt). These remind me of my elementary school days when we’d put pins all over our bleached denim jackets. Yikes!

  4. This project turned out AWESOME!!! My sis collects pins too (I will definately be sending this post her way for some inspiration!)

    xo Cat