sand art

do you remember making sand art as a child? i decided to try an only slightly more sophisticated project this past weekend to bring a bit of the beach into my new bedroom. my family owns a summer home on nantucket, where my cousins and i have spent much of each summer on the beach or working in retail. this summer is a different story (in the best way, of course!) but that’s no reason not to include my favorite island in my future boudoir.
first i traced the island and taped it into the back of an 11″ x 14″ canvas ($8 at michaels).
since it was still a little tough to see the tracing through the canvas, my detail-oriented dad took matters into his own hands. (note his shirt!)
the fruits of his labor.
i painted around the island, let it dry, and then used paper cement ($9 at michaels) to glue sand onto the white part of the canvas.
et voilà! it’s far from perfect but it’ll be a lovely reminder of summertime come winter at bucknell.
what diy projects have you taken on lately? i would love to hear from you!

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  1. Mackenzie,! This is super adorable and inspires me to try it out for Cape Cod…my family’s summer cottage locale. I’ve been searching for a vintage map to frame forever but can’t find anything, so perhaps I shall take matters into my own hands!

  2. I love it- Instant art and memory all in one AND the satisfaction of having made it yourself.
    My latest DIY? Two bulletin boards covered in parrot-y fabric and giraffe-print trim (coming soon to the blog), one for me and one as a birthday gift for my bestie:)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier, your blog is lovely!

  3. This is so fabulous! I love how it turned out – and it is the perfect reminder of your summertime escapee!

    The only DIY I’m working on is the overhaul of my boyfriend’s house – we’re basically ripping out everything from every room and starting over. Lots of work!

  4. I did a DIY project with my students today – they made their own sketchbooks with watercolor covers
    🙂 adorable blog!

    I saw that you liked Mara’s headband on mLovesm. Come check out my headband giveaway this week!

    Andi of Tights and Bites

  5. Mackenzie this is awesome. You are awesome!! How cool of your dad to get right in there, too:)

    I hope you’re having a great summer w/JAdler. You are one lucky girl to have spent summers in Nantucket. Debby’s killing me with her pictures. Would love to visit.


  6. you travel Europe taking amazing pictures and you do fun art projects?!

    i grew up on cape cod. I love Nantucket but i think i need one of these shaped like the cape!

  7. wow, how super cool! i love your design 🙂 i’ve actually never heard of sand art before, although maybe that’s because they don’t sell it in australia?! yay, it’s friday tomorrow 🙂 hope you have an amazing weekend ♥