a work in progress

hello, my dears! my first decorating project is underway and i couldn’t be more thrilled to share a sneak peek with you today. it’s my bedroom in the off-campus house i’ll be sharing with seven girlfriends next year at bucknell and, although i’ll only live here for one year, i want it to be a place i can get inspired or wind down, depending on the time of day!

what a dreary “before” picture! the room does have great bones though. the amount of space is generous for a college student and i love the bay windows! the dark trim, white-paint-over-wallpaper and icky purple carpet were calling out for a little love.
so we painted the trim white (the best trick for lightening a space!) and gave the walls two coats of glidden’s sexy pink.
we also taped off some rectangles to frame the bed i have yet to buy (ignore the evidence of wallpaper underneath!).
i think they turned out quite splendidly if i do say so myself.
so we moved in the furniture i have found. pete did a few final touch-ups (i told you he’s detail-oriented) and beth put up the blinds (thank goodness because i have no patience for that sort of thing). many thanks to the crew, also known as my loving parents who put up with my need for blindingly bright color and a flawless paint job all while listening to me change my mind about minute details 13,000 times.
how do you feel about the pink and leopard combo? beth says it’s a little flinstones but the rug (overstock leopard print novelty rug, $85) i hope you don’t think it’s too much because there’s going to be a gold-skirted table in between those babies (ikea tullsta chairs, $99 each) next time you see photos! (worry not — the bed linens will be white.)
somehow we had time (and paint) left over to redo the tragic bathroom we’re inheriting. wallpaper and carpeted floors? in a bathroom? briana and her mom agree that it was a no-go.
her dad laid down cheap linoleum and we painted the walls with our leftover pink paint. we found the shades in one of the many nooks and crannies in our soon-to-be home. don’t you prefer it all new-and-improved?
i would love to hear your thoughts on this initial sneak peek. please be kind — this is project numero uno!

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  1. ah!
    i wish i had had the ability to be creative with my college housing! what a wonderful time of your life to go all out and be overly girly.

    keep it coming!

  2. Fantastic, splendid (well of course!), lovely and so much fun! Well done to you and your crew!

    Love how the windows turned out and the bathroom does not even look the same!

    ox, Mon

  3. Tickle me pink! I want to go back to college….but alas I have twins that will be off to college in one more year (J’espere) and I am thinking what color they will want.
    Probably some sort of cave color. I am loving all the work and would love to see some art and a desk for studying. Do they still do that in college?

  4. Goodness, this is one cool dorm room! My 20-year old self is so jealous. My senior year apartment was way, way less cool (and included the requisite futon, folding table, and cheapie bed that I bought from a head shop (no lie!)).

  5. The people you are renting from have to be so thrilled to have you in there improving the place!! Everything you’ve shown look so much better. Your crew is amazing (hehe).

    Seriously though – love the color, the chairs look outstanding in the Bay Window, the rug is darling…can’t wait to see the finished product.


  6. I think it is great, I love the painted rectangles. I can’t wait to see the bed to go under them. I also think this is the time and place to do this kind of design scheme. Is this a rental? I am shocked you have no restrictions on the work you do (not that it doesn’t need it!).

  7. I think it looks great so far! It looks like a lovely room for a college student, that’s for sure! I like where you’re headed with the rectangles/faux moulding behind the bed, and think a chandy over the table you plan to add would look perfect!

  8. Love love love love love love love it! It looks so fab! I saved a pic of the final results to my comp so I can use it as an inspiration in the future! The rug is a bit flintstone-ish, but I like it! You have great taste!

  9. Love it! So exciting, can’t wait to see the final reveal! I especially like how you taped off the rectangles above the bed. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  10. dank you for that flattering photo.

    the rectangles look great! they echo the shape of the bay windows, which i love. i die for the pink/leopard combo and obviouslyyy i do not think it’s too much (do you know me?). a gold skirted table too?! pink, animal print, and shininess?! my three favorite things in the universe. i cannot wait to see!