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  1. Mackenzie I hope that thing is still there and that you get it. I wanna see you work your magic on it soooo badly!!

    Go girl!!

    ps – will follow you on twitter too. just started and am kinda lost…oops!


  2. I have sold on Craigslist, but never bought! I need to start looking around there, I see so many people talking about what great finds they’ve gotten from CL. I know I’ve sold some great things (at a great price) that just weren’t my style anymore or I didn’t have room for.

  3. Ugh, I’m like you. I never have any luck on Craigslist yet I see people find amazing things on there! Good luck with this piece–it’s pretty good! I will follow you on Twitter:)

  4. I hope you have better luck this time around with craig list! I love your idea… awesome!

    p.s. I am having an Anthropologie giveaway if it interests you. xo