The Big 2-1 (Four Days and Counting)

It’s hard to believe that my twenty-first birthday is this coming Monday. This twentieth year has just flown by! I started my junior year at Bucknell in August, created this blog in November, left for France in January, landed my internship in June, and suddenly another year has gone by and it’s time for one chapter to end and another to begin. It has been a big year for me in virtually every regard and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store! Humor me with a little reflection on a few of my favorite memories…

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Living in Europe for six months was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will cherish forever and ever. My French host family and I were cut from the same cloth and I feel so fortunate to have met and gotten to know them to the extent that I did.
My semester abroad was a catalyst for what I’d like to think is remarkable personal growth. Do you remember my little personal victory at Villandry? I’ll never forget it. I ended the semester feeling significantly more independent and naturally more worldly (and maybe even a teeny tiny bit better with maps? I won’t push my luck).
While I miss dearly my Parisian cafés and jardins, I have a truly embarrassing number of photographs to help me savor those memories. I was heartbroken to say au revoir à la fin du semestre but I was so very ready to return home to my loving [American] family and friends. It has been a joy to reunite with my East Coast pals and I can’t wait to see everyone else on campus in a few short weeks.
I feel endlessly fortunate to have met Monsieur Adler so shortly after my return and to have had the opportunity to work in his occasionally glamorous and always hilarious Soho studio for the summer.
I owe my parents for the road trip we took to my beloved Bucknell in central Pennsylvania to decorate my new boudoir. I am so delighted with the progress we’ve made and so excited for (okay, and a little overwhelmed by) all that’s left to be done!

I’m looking forward to lots more lovely inspiration in the months to come and I’ll hope you’ll stay tuned for some exciting new developments in my neck of the woods. 

It would make me one very happy twenty-one-year-old to have you all along for the ride!

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  1. That’s wonderful! You and have such close birthdays, but I’m a few years older 🙁 I hope your enjoying this weekend, and that much love and a few surprises perhaps will be waiting for you on Monday,


  2. Wow what an amazing year you’ve had! College just flies by doesn’t it? It’s a good thing you seem to be cherishing this time. Here’s to a new semester! My brother in law went to Bucknell and loved it!

  3. Looks like you certainly had a year to remember. and I can’t believe you will just be 21. I would have put you a little older. maybe 23/24.

    Happy early Birthday!

    xx Kirby

  4. Hi Happy 21st! What a fun an exciting age to be. Also, I read your guest post today. Amazing you lived in Paris. I have been there and it truly is one of my favorite places to go. AND my parents are from Kenya-I love it there too…but I really want to hit South Africa one day for the beach and wineries!
    Now following your adorable blog!

  5. wow! Happy Bday! France is amazing! I love the pics you have already shared here! Every moment is worth remembering.. Pictures really transform memories!

    Happy Success for the upcoming year!


  6. Happy Birthday, Mackenzie! You’re lucky to have had so many great experiences, and I’m sure there are a lot yet to be had 🙂

  7. cute post. Along for the ride, you have such an inspirational life. Youve done so much at age 20! can’t wait to see what 21 brings!