Think Pink

I am of the school (there is one, isn’t there?) that thinks every room needs a little pop of pink. No color is more eye-catching, more frivolous, more happy — and every space needs that!  

A beautifully worn pink rug brings unexpected color to a muted palette. 
A magenta throw pillow is a welcome contrast to David Hicks’ ubiquitous La Fiorentina fabric. 
Another antique-y pink rug plays off the pastel palette of Rashida Jones’ apartment.
A fuchsia chair is an interesting choice paired with purple curtains but I think Cynthia Rowley makes it work. Loving that lucite magazine rack!
Quite possibly my favorite use of pink ever: hot pink velvet tufted beauties flank an old console and complement a figurative art display. 

Where have you used pink to perk up your decor? None of this nonsense about pink-hating husbands!

15 thoughts on “Think Pink

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  1. I would have pink in every room if I could! Have limited it to the bedroom for now and yes, I do share with a full blooded male who does not seem to mind.
    Love the chairs in that last photo.

  2. i totally agree with the pops of pink! [and chartreuse?!] i love how subtle and unique that first rug is.. and of course my love of chairs draws me to the last one. did you see the versailles pics i posted last week?


  3. Love these examples…seems like dark pink and soft, like in a rug, a chair or a pillow, really pops. I convinced my husband to use pink in the bedroom! We framed three photos we bought on our honeymoon of a pink rose opening. We had them framed in dark wood and hung them as a series. It’s a metaphor for our growing love and a reminder that we are only at the beginning…how cheesy, right?

  4. I love that last picture. Those chairs are exquisite! I think my husband would have a heart attack if I bought chairs like those. The carpet in the first photo, I could possibly get away with.


  5. It is DEF a school of thought, of which I think I might be the valedictorian! I was staring at my living room the other day and couldn’t figure out what was wrong and why it didnt feel finished…and then I realized! NO PINK! Fixing that asap.