If You Can’t Take The Heat

Confession: I can’t cook. I won’t bore you with the tragic details but suffice it to say I’m a Chinese takeout-turned-leftovers girl as opposed to a slave-for-hours-at-the-stove girl. Might a kitchen like these encourage me to give cooking the old college try?
Well-stocked bars are a blogger favorite for a reason! The styling of this little buffet vignette is undeniably chic — pretty packaging, pops of green and yellow, and a mix of matte (basket trays, lampshade) and reflective (bottles, mirror) surfaces. Flawless!
Who says practicality can’t be chic? Even bottled beer and canned beans look appealing when lined neatly behind glass doors. Simple white cabinetry, timeless subway tiles, and a Kitchenaid mixer are key ingredients of my dream kitchen.
What’s your take on this mirrored cabinetry? It’s quirky but it kind of works, doesn’t it? If you have a view that’s worth reflecting (for instance, this pretty chocolate brown living room with its white coral mirror), I say why not!

Hands down my most favorite kitchen to date. Sleek cabinetry and appliances, mirrored penny tiles, a turquoise ceiling to boot? Forget what I said before — I’m so there!

P.S. Please be sure to check out my guest post on Helena’s blog A Diary of Lovely today — who doesn’t love fall fashion under $50?

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  1. I never would have thought I would like mirrored cabinets, but seeing that photo I’m a little bit in love! In our kitchen the mirrors would be reflecting the fireplace and I’m really liking that idea. Hmmmm…….

  2. Well stocked bar+Simple white cabinets+Penny tile+turquoise ceiling=KITCHEN HEAVEN!!!

    PS. you don;t have to slave in the kitch to be a great cook…you should come over for simple cooking lessons-I will be teaching the hubs and sister too 🙂

  3. When I was 21 I couldn’t cook worth a damn either. It wasn’t until after college that I got into it!

    I love the second shot the best. wait no maybe the fourth….oh heck, I’d take any of these kithens.

  4. Love that H&H kitchen — the turquoise ceiling & mirrored penny tiles are brilliant. That’s definitely the kind of kitchen that would encourage me to cook more often!