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  1. Art is clearly on both of our minds!

    I love anything art! Small, large, old, new, famous, totally unknown. But a over-sized b/w piece is always fun for the drama effect.

    A warm hug to you!

    Ox, Mon

  2. I’m not sure if I prefer one over the other, but I do think picking out one great shot like this makes it more accessible. I think for most people it is a lot easier to choose one photo and one great frame to make a big statement than to organize a gallery wall. I’ve had more than one phone call from girlfriends (or my mom) trying to put together a gallery wall and totally melting down in the middle of the process.
    These images are really gorgeous!

  3. I’m loving the oversized images but still love a gallery wall too- I’ve already done the gallery wall and did pick up a few oversized frames too… it’ll be fun to see how they turn out. Have a great day! xo