Shimmery Chic

Is your current wardrobe looking a little less than glamorous these days? (Mine is.) Look no further than these leading ladies for your next closet update. Why not pick up a sparkly blazer or a shimmery skirt? Whether you’re rocking a ball gown or a blouse, sequins are a quick fix for outfits that need that extra something. Let it shine, ladies!

P.S. I’m going to try my hand at blogging twice a day. Check back at one o’clock for an interiors post!

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  1. Wow. I don’t think that Claire Danes has ever looked better. (Maybe it’s the Latisse? jk.) Also, he’s not as shimmery, but check out Pacey and his cool style!

  2. Great post,
    I need a sequin skirt like whoah. I know j.crew and urban outfitters have some that I might check out tonight!! I can’t wait to read your second post!!

  3. That dress on Kate Beckinsale just made me gasp. Love love love the bedazzled, 70s deep vee liciousness of it (but then, I never met a sequin I didn’t like)…