Pour Les Hommes

{Tommy Smythe}
In my ongoing quest to seek out decorating tips for men (see here and here), I’ve noticed an abundance of boudoirs with charcoal walls. Paired with gold accessories or leather accents, the color appeals to both sexes in ways that few others do. Could you cope with a gray bedroom? I think it would be the ultimate in cozy chic!

10 thoughts on “Pour Les Hommes

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  1. I love a dark bedroom, so I’d be fine with charcoal walls. And it’s interesting how men seem to gravitate towards cave-like spaces. My husband always wants a dark wall color (and minimal lighting!).

  2. I’m really digging the dark gray and have thought about doing this when I buy my own home. However, I’d go silver instead of gold and eighty-six the antlers. 🙂 You probably already knew that, though.

  3. I would love a gray bedroom! Our bedroom is currently a very dark green, I would prefer to change to a navy or gray, but I love how dark it is. Very cozy and I’ve actually been sleeping better since we’ve had a room with dark walls.