A Dream Come Rue!

Did you see it, did you see it?! I swear it’s there, in teeny tiny letters — my name has graced the pages of Rue Magazine‘s second issue! My mind has been blown by their sophomore issue’s content and new-and-improved design. I think I could even frame the cover for my walls!
Please do stop over when you have a moment. You will not be disappointed! You’ll find me on page 45 for an interview with the folks behind Nickey Kehoe, on page 224 for the jewelry designer behind Anndra Neen, and on page 238 for gentlemen’s holiday party chez Scot Meacham Wood. Thank you for your support!

17 thoughts on “A Dream Come Rue!

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  1. Mackenzie! You have no idea how honored and grateful we are to have you grace the pages of Rue! You are a talented writer, a gracious soul, and a very stylish gal – I see big things in your future!

    Please come back and write for us in Rue Issue Three 🙂


  2. Mackenzie,

    Thank you SO much for your great work with the article. It was a pleasure to read – and really caught the mood of my home.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays!
    Scot Meacham Wood

  3. I just finished reading your piece on Scots place and I had to come straight over and say: CONGRATULATIONS. Girl, you did good! Hang on, you did better than good, you ACED IT!

    Seriously, the piece read effortlessly and was full of detail and atmosphere. Make sure you celebrate with a little shopping trip!