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  1. I too have a job yet to be determined, but I have always dreamt about working from home. That way I am able to get up and move anywhere in the world, and still have something to fall back on. But I love Danielle Oakey’s idea! Having a studio on the same lot! Fabulous!


  2. FABULOUS desk! – dream job?! – that’s been my quest to discover ALL my life so far – i always said, and everyone has always encouraged me to open my own boutique – but i just think of working 7 day’s a week – 12 hour days – doesn’t seem FUN … then i think interior design – i dunno – i just wanna be RICH and do things for FUN instead of b/c i need to make money – trick is how do i get RICH?!

  3. I work from home-and I have to say it is a DREAM…but what would life be If I have fufiled my dreams? So my next “job” will be to open up a boutique store!