Jetset Style

While I love seeing photos of red carpet attire, I have to admit I have way more fun looking at pictures of my favorite starlets’ street style. After all, it’s far more attainable — most of us have little use for floor-length gowns in our day-to-day lives! These airport photos of Cameron Diaz, Miranda Kerr, Rachel Bilson, and Victoria Beckham are perfect outfit inspiration for those of you who will be traveling for the holidays. Think lots of layers, easy-to-remove shoes, and a carry-on filled with unread magazines!

{All photos via my very favorite celebrity stalking blog, Day Old News}

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  1. Love the Miranda Kerr look. My carry-on is always weighted down with the stuff I couldn’t quite fit in my suitcase. One day I will travel lightly.

  2. Good inspiration for my upcoming trip…by thee way, when you were jet setting in Europe, did you spend any time in the Alsace Lorrain area? Looking for recommendations on places to stay, eat, drink, unique things to see that the guide books wouldn’t being up…Thanks in advance! xoxo Anne (fellow BEF alumni)…