I Wish I Could Draw

Behold the beautiful illustrations of Garance Doré, the wildly popular French fashion photographer whose eponymous blog has garnered international attention for her refreshingly carefree spirit and her glamourous portraits of girls with great personal style. Don’t these illustrations make you wish you could draw? Or at least purchase her work somewhere online?

15 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Draw

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  1. wow i LOVE these. lately ive been so inspired by sketches of women just capture everything it is to be fem. their confidence, cool collect and straight up sex appeal… and it just is totally captured in these strokes of pencil. im swooning.

    at first i thought these were your sketches and you were complaining that they were not good enough… i was like woah hold up there miss thing! :p


  2. Yes, these are spectacular! Love that carefree sytle…so hard to replicate for those of us who are trying way too hard to ever come close to those lovely easy strokes. Sigh. Thanks for the gorgeous post 🙂