The Maxi Skirt

Layered tulle Paget skirt
It’s official: the maxi skirt is the new it silhouette for spring. J.Crew’s gorgeous wedding skirt has been out for a while but it was the sight of Kate Bosworth in a stunning mint green Jil Sander number that has pushed the maxi skirt into the spotlight. I can’t wait to test out this fresh shape for spring and summer! What’s your take on the trend?

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  1. I am loving the long skirts! I thought about putting my bridesmaids in them with a chic silk top or sequin blouse for the wedding… kinda fabulous, right?


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    Carmen Martins
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  3. The only problem with the maxi skirt is that unless you are 6 foot + you end up with a maxi dress!!

    I actually just purchased a maxi “skirt” because I couldn’t part with the gorgeous green white and blue pattern. It came with a black belt – and it’s now my new tube top belted maxi dress! No joke…