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Style is a tricky thing, isn’t it? It is so easy to pinpoint things I like and to reject those I do not — and yet it is so hard for me to define my style in terms of what’s left. I thought I could start off the new year with a toast to personal style and a request from me to you, my darling readers, to help me define my style based on a few of my all-time favorite interiors.

{source unknown}
This architecture…

Those windows…

These walls…

Those shelves…

And this, well, everything.

It’s a hefty favor to ask of you, no doubt, and personal style is, er, personal. But you see, I can come up with a handful of buzz words… and would love your help in figuring out the rest. What do you think? Is my aesthetic maximalist or minimalist? Colorful or neutral? Classic or modern? Traditional or trendy? Over-the-top or understated? Lived-in or luxurious? I so appreciate your help and look forward to sharing all the style that 2011 will surely bring!

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  1. Personal Style is just so hard to put into words. Based on your fabulous posts I’d say yours is…

    Classically Glamorous!

    BTW Congrats on the new Rue Blog!! So excited for you.


  2. i’ve been wrestling with the same questions lately as I try to pull together out home. i may try to do the same thing and collect favorite images. i’m not sure how to label your style, but it does seem that all of these images are connected by a very clean aesthetic with well placed pops of color.

  3. i am finding the same thing about myself lately!i am choosing things for my wedding this year and am having a tough time determining what my style is!!! here’s to figuring that out this year!


  4. I totally agree! It’s so hard to pinpoint your own style sometimes!

    From the photos I would say that you like neutral rooms but with a bold pop of colour, moreso classic and traditional than trendy, definitely not over the top haha, and sort of a lived-in luxurious look 😛

    Hope that helps? haha

  5. I usually do a ‘virtual home’ as my first post of the year, to pinpoint what I am liking at any given point in time. This year, instead of a ‘virtual home’, I picked my favorite images from my blog over the past year…and I found that this was an even better way to really explore what inspired me over the past twelve months.

    Love these images!