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  1. love love love…
    buying my parents a mac is on my list too!
    the amount of $$ they spend getting rid of viruses is INSANE! (of course b/c my dad doesn’t get the whole spam-mail thing and opens every email that comes in- love the age-induced learning curve!)

    and skinny dipping! best done with best girl friends, i have to say… my oldest friends and i went skinny dipping the night before my wedding (something we all did after summer nights of waitressing in high school) plankton loaded the water, which give you a day-glo effect all over your body and when you splash. super magical. something i’ll never forget! should be on EVERYONE’s 1001 list!

    have fun!

  2. I just started watching Mad Men starting with the first season. There are only 4 seasons so I’m sure you can catch up quickly, especially if you have Netflix.

  3. Great list! I have seen a Cirque de Soleil performance and it was one of the most memorable events I’ve ever witness- soooo amazing. I’d love to sit down and watch Mad Men all at once- bliss. And I agree about the Apple- ours has been on the fritz for a while now and I miss it so.