Joanna Hillman

Senior Fashion Market Editor Joanna Hillman is currently chronicling thirty days of personal style on the Harper’s Bazaar blog. The long blond hair and red lips are her signature but it’s fun to see how she mixes up different pieces over the course of one month. Surely you all remember the sequin harem pants from Jenna Lyons’s appearance on Oprah and I have to say I’m still loving them! What do you think of Ms. Hillman’s workwear?

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  1. oh my gosh, yes! I find her style to be more dynamic and less fussy in comparison to vogue’s piece on Filipa Fino (five days , five looks, one girl)

  2. i love that magazines are starting to do this(also vogues fab five in five days-or something like that?)

    people who work at these magazines have the most INSANE eye. love it.

    also love that she does high/low..nine west and zara and uniqulo!