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This photo of Leighton Meester in InStyle stopped me in my tracks. Doesn’t she look stunning? Her makeup is my idea of perfection: glowing complexion, subtle eyeliner, long lashes, and a pretty pout. This brings me to two items on my 101 in 1,001 list:

47.  Find my makeup must-haves.

78. Find the skincare regimen that works best for me.

Tell me, darlings, do you have any recommendations for products you simply can’t live without?

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  1. Her look is stunning and timeless. Classic, clean looks are by far the way to go. My friend swears by Chanel, but I haven’t tried it yet.


  2. I agree with Sarah – green tea. And also filtered water!
    My mother is also a firm believer in taking walks in the rain, and at 70 years of age she looks radiant! Not a day older than 50 – without any intervention!

    As for products.. Dermalogica works for me.

    Happy searching.

    x Charlotta

  3. I loooove Leighton and she looks stunning in this pic! I adore this fresh-faced look… such a great departure from the usual smokey-eye we see in most magazines. Great inspiration!

  4. That photo is beautiful, I love Leighton! My skin is very sensitive and breakout prone but I feel like I’m finally figuring it out. Mario Bedascu face wash at night, Cetaphil gentle fash wash in the mornings. Origins A Perfect World moisturizer 2x a day. Bare Minerals make up. And I have to splurge on facials because not only are they super relaxing but they also make my skin look amazing. but my cheap secret is Covergirl Aqua Smoothers tinted moisturizer with SPF. So cheap but just enough coverage and super long lasting!

  5. Wow, this picture is stunning and absolutely my idea of perfect makeup…. I’m with you about trying to figure out the best skin care regime. I really love Dr Hauschka’s products especially her moisturizing day cream; everything smells like roses. And the closest I’ve come to having the “glowing skin” effect came with regularly taking fish oil supplements.

  6. I love anything Bobbi Brown and I’ve been using Laura Mercier some too, specifically her primer and tinted moisturizer which is wonderful! Very lightweight but really give you an smooth, even complexion!

  7. very very nice! she looks radiant.

    Okay, have to reveal my secret. I use simple products, good products, but honestly, what made the HUGEST difference for my skin was green tea. Truly. That’s it. I drink about 5 cups per day and it makes such a massive difference. I found out that it diminishes free radicals, toxins and other such things are bad for both our interior and exterior. I cannot believe the difference, but it must be green tea that contains the rice and popcorn… genmatcha? (I think it’s called) It works such wonders.


  8. there are a few things i can’t live without!!

    -two faced sun bunny bronzer (AMAZING, i’ve turned all my friends onto it as well)
    -benefit tinted moisturizer. gives the best glow and has spf.
    -for a light lipstick i love lala ling from benefit. mac has the best for matte dark colors
    -i have two drug store favorites as well, prestige for eyeliner. $2 a pop. burts bees chapstick

    hope i added some to your list 🙂

  9. The only thing that never leaves my arsenal is Bio Oil. You can get at any drug store. It leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated and I’ve noticed a lovely change in my skin tone. Now I will be checking out Bobbi Brown! Thanks for the tips!!

  10. oh dear I have quite a list! I currently work as a designer in the beauty industry so my collection of makeup and skin care products is kind of out of control. I really love MAC eyeshadow. MAC’s Pro Longwear in lasting lust is my go too for a red lip, and it stays on forever, I can literally go to bed with it on and wake up and still have perfect red lips. I love cream blush especially Clinique’s Blushwear Cream stick in rosy blush.

  11. skin care wise, there are two things I LOVE! one is the boots foaming cleanser for sensitive skin that i get at target. i have dry skin and this doesn’t dry me out (and it feels like you are rubbing silk on your skin). the other thing is clinique’s moisture surge. i put it on at night to give my skin an extra boost of moisture. and it isn’t oily.

  12. Oh course! Of course! Anything Bobbi Brown- it is an addiction. Love the hydrating eye cream!! And as far as skincare, I’m loving Philosophy’s Turbo Booster C Powder, Hope in a Jar, and the Microdelivery Peel. I’m not vain…I swear 😉

  13. My makeup is also mostly comprised of Bobbi Brown and Nars! I literally could not live with out my Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick and the Nars Bronzer in Laguna! Sometimes they are all i wear if i just have class! For night i will spray Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray after i have done my makeup…It sets your make for literally up to 16 hours and if you spray 3 times then lightly pat your face with a tissue it looks so natural with a glow, very similar to Leighton’s!

  14. Beautiful picture of Leighton; love her!

    My can’t-live-withouts include Clinique Lash Power long-wearing mascara (an essential for the Florida humidity, it stays put FOREVER); Philosophy “the microdelivery minipeel pads”; and Bare Escentuals skin rever upper. I’m not big into makeup, so the skin-care routine is essential!