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I have long desired to start an interview series here on Design Darling. I’m all about fabulous fashion, intriguing interiors, and pretty paper, but I think it’s high time to take things to the next level around here, don’t you?
So I have three pressing questions for you, my darling readers. First of all, who do you want to see? Artists, bloggers, designers, editors, entrepreneurs? Fashion, interior, graphic? All the above? Toss some names out there!
And second, what do you want to know? Anecdotes, failures, triumphs? Inspiring advice, personal favorites, tricks of the trade? Let’s hear it!
And lastly, what shall I name the series? Fallon rocked Behind The Curtain, Katie did Plucky Pioneers, Paloma started Style Files… Get those creative juices flowing for me, will you?

P.S. Perhaps you’ve heard there’s a lovely leopard clutch that could very well become yours?

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  1. Yes, start with Adler!

    I have my own series – In The Spotlight. People love getting to know talented people better.

    With you behind the wheel – it will be a smashing hit!

    Psss… A small little Desing Darling thank you on my blog.

    Love to you,


    P.S And congratulations on joining the Rue team! What a great addition in YOU!

  2. Interview JONATHAN ADLER!!! 🙂 I know you interned with him last summer so you must have the hook up, yes? 😉 Anyway, you know I’m a big fan of his, Mackenize. OK, OK…enough pressure… 🙂

    Would also love to see you interview women who’ve started their own businesses in the worlds of fashion, design, etc….would be most inspiring!

  3. I would love to hear from all manner of blogger/decorators. Why they blog. What they do when they are not blogging. Etc… There are so many creative people out there. Some known, some not-so-known. What a nice idea you have.

  4. Designers and bloggers, about favorite things, inspirational advice/life lessons, etc. I love interview series! I’m not sure about a name though…I think that will depend on who you interview and what you interview them about!

  5. I love this idea, and thought about adding a series to my blog, but I’m afraid I really don’t have a network interesting and big enough yet for something like this. 🙂
    Good luck on yours though – i know it’s going to be quite amazing.
    I would love to hear entrepreneurs and bloggers talk about their successes and failures and how they got to where they are.
    perhaps you can call it something like design darling’s little black book, but that’s kinda long. whatever you decide though, i’m sure it will be great 🙂

  6. Love this idea! If you kept the theme going of “Design Darling”, for the purpose of branding.. DD.. you could Design Debut or Design Detailed. Cant wait for it !

  7. Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry! There’s so many of them out there and I feel like they don’t get the recognition they deserve – it takes a lot to start your own business.

    I just found this blog and I love all the pretty pictures 🙂