A New York Minute

Things in my neck of the woods are moving a mile a minute. What was yesterday a pipe dream of launching an inspiring interview series is now a forthcoming reality with an incredible line-up in the works! Trust me when I say these ladies will not disappoint. Thanks to your help yesterday, I am thrilled to officially announce…
The Design Dialogues! Credit for the name goes to my dear friend and lovely sponsor Roxy who went above and beyond, sending lists and lists of possibilities my way. When will it begin? As soon as my redesign with the immensely talented and totally darling Hanna of Gadabout is complete. And when will that be? I hate to leave you hanging but let’s just say it’s a lot sooner than you think. New design and new series before the month is over? A New York minute indeed.

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  1. you guys! Stop it! I’m totally blushing, but okay, okay, if you must 😉 haha Can’t wait to see the line up ahhhhhhhh- sooooo exciting!!! Aren’t NY minutes the best? I do so get bored when things are moving at a snail’s pace…well except for hand-written letters of course!!