Python Pillows

How exotic are these python pillows? Textured neutrals are a great way to keep a monochromatic palette aesthetically interesting. My darling reader Annsley from Houston sent me these pictures and I was only too happy to share them with you all! Her sure-to-be-chic home will be featured in the first issue of High Gloss Magazine and her e-commerce site should be up and running soon! If you can’t wait another moment to introduce one of her python pillows into your abode, however, simply contact either 4510 in Dallas or Perch in New Orleans. Thank you, Annsley!

11 thoughts on “Python Pillows

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  1. Mackenzie, thank you so much for this post! Beyond honored. Many fun colors, styles, sizes and accessories to come. I cannot thank you enough. Xo. Annsley

  2. Late last night, my mom [who has been on a hard-core cleaning kick] bursts into my room and says, ‘Sara! Look! It’s my Aunt Barb’s alligator skin purse!’ And indeed it was. It was a little terrifying feeling a purse that used to consist of a real, live alligator…. and these pillows remind of that.

    I love you!