Our Weekend

Behold the ice rink my dad built on our front lawn! I tweeted a few of these already but I think he deserves all the credit he can get. It’s such fun to see my boyfriend Michael and my little brother Camden playing together — I only wish we had ice skates for our puppies, Coach and Fenway! Wouldn’t that be the cutest? I hope your weekend is filled with lots of ice time and hot chocolate. See you back here on Monday!

15 thoughts on “Our Weekend

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  1. I’ve been to the snow before mid-year but I’ve never seen snow on a scale like this nor have I seen an ice rink outside. It’s hard to imagine at the moment ‘cos I’m ‘melting’…. Truly magical. 🙂

  2. ahh, love love. if only georgians knew what to do with snow rather than scream/cry at it and crash their cars because of it.

    xoxoxo [times a millie],