Real Men Wear Pink

…or orange, as the case may be. It could be my Connecticut roots piping up, but I will never tire of men in preppy brights paired with crisp oxfords and brown dress shoes. I bought my littlest brother yellow cords from Ralph Lauren many birthdays ago and, while I can’t say he was thrilled, I think they’re even worth saving for my [way-in-the-] future offspring. 

{images via Unabashedly Prep}

17 thoughts on “Real Men Wear Pink

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  1. Love the preppiness! I grew up right by Darien — i think preppy is in the water down there 🙂

    PS: any chance you’re going to the kravet and leejofa blogfest event in NY? hoping i can make, would love to finally meet!

  2. I cannot resist a man in pink. literally. my friends make fun of me bc if we’re in a bar, and theres a guy in pink(and if he winks its over) im on it. lol

    I went to the Kentucky Derby this year, and the day before it the Oaks races, and the theme is pink for breast cancer. men in pink polos, pink seersucker, pink ties.


  3. Utterly adore this look, too! In fact, there was a darling little chap in Livingetc’s January or December issue in yellow cords and they looked great! I need a pair – it’s official!

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  4. Hey

    I love this blog post and the images! Some men definitely make pink and even citrus colours work : ) It’s how you carry it!

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  5. Love the preppy boys!!! My boyfriend actually does dress like this and I love it!! Nantucket Reds are the best.

    xx Grace

  6. Yup, every season I try to get my husband into Nantucket Reds but he will not do it. You can be sure when we have little boys (who won’t be able to have a say in their wardrobe for at least a few years) they’ll be rocking some little reds. And little yellows for that matter =)
    My dad on the other hand wears a lot of pink and purple and he always looks dashing.