Party Planning

I’m in the mood to plan a party. Not a fraternity function or a night on the town but a real event — a cocktail hour or a dinner party or, eek, a wedding! I watched a lot of wedding shows when I was home for the holidays and I can’t get the idea out of my head. Keeping a busy calendar, focusing on the details, seeing my vision come to life — a future career path, perhaps?

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  1. You would be great a it…and of course I´ll be expecting and invitation hahaha…I mean, at least in my case, its not very common for me, to say never, to get invited to a party like that so it would be awesome!


  2. I’ve been thinking of a similar career path lately too, but I’m thinking more of designing the events – an event stylist! That way, you get to create the vision, see it through, but not have to stick around during the event – just set up and get out of there! Either way, I think you would do a great job!

  3. If you are having a party that looks this glamorous, may I get an invitation!? I love everthing about this gorgeous picture! xox, Beth

  4. Party planning *is* fun. And can be a headache and your biggest regret too. All the compliments are really nice though. 😉 I’m sure you’d be smashing at it!