Coffee Coffee Coffee

I inherited my parents’ addiction to love of coffee and find ordering my drink and catching up on email to be the most delightful morning ritual. We have a charming coffee shop on campus but when I’m back home Starbucks very much does the trick. This lovely little café would be a perfect spot this chilly Monday morning! One grande vanilla skim two Splenda latté please ; ) Do you share my morning routine? What do you order?

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  1. Nothing relaxes me like coffee and reading blogs, emails, and magazines 🙂 My Starbucks order is usually a skinny vanilla latte or a skinny iced upside caramel macchiato. yummm.

  2. I like coffee..but I dont drink it regularly is in really rare moments I do like once a year or something…for some reason I prefer tea I just find it more relaxing…and that picture the place with the lightbulbs is gorgeous!!