My dear friend and darling housemate Sara has agreed to take pictures of my bedroom to share with you all and I’m keeping a tidy to do list of things to get done before our little impromptu photo shoot:
1. Wait for sunshine. Natural light is everything.
2. Keep things clean until then. Easier said than done.
3. It’s time for some fresh flowers in here. I’m convinced they’ll make all the difference!
{photo from Black & Spiro}

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  1. haha if you are still as messy as you used to be, much easier said than done! 🙂 (don’t worry, my room is currently a disaster zone!) xo

  2. I agree, I think fresh flowers is a must. When I’m too broke to buy flowers, I’ll pick some greens from my yard and put them in a bud vase. Any little piece of nature adds a little umph to any space. Can’t wait to see your room.