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No. 74 on my 101 in 1001 list is to find my signature scent. Doesn’t that seem like something every young lady should know? I feel silly for not having one and never replaced my last bottle when it ran out. Of course it seems like a fairly frivolous task but in reality I imagine it might be rather daunting. Tell me, what is your preferred perfume?
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  1. I like Banana Republic Classic. It’s a light citrus, unisex fragrance. Nummy. And I don’t think you’re behind the game. There are thousands of scents out there, and you’re young! It takes time to sniff out the right one. 🙂

    I’m guessing you might like something by Coach or Kate Spade. If you’re looking for something a bit earthier, I recommend Aveda all the way. Good luck!

  2. I actually would like to find a new perfume as well! I currently wear Vera Wang to work and at night. Weekends is Bvlgari Au the Blanc. Love them both but ready for a change.

  3. Try Hermes’s Jardin sur le Nil, Kelly Caleche, or Caleche! I’ve also been a big fan of L’Occitane lately, their Lavender perfume is amazing!

  4. I prefer a more musky/spicy scent and fell in love with Ralph Lauren Notorious. But recently I was gifted Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and was pleasantly suprised by the scent, subtle and so feminine without being overly floral/fruity/powdery. It’s my new special occasions perfume!

  5. What a great item on the list. Having wanted to be “a nose” for such a long time, I don’t think I’ll find my fragrance until I make my own! But until then, I have found some great substitutes- Coco mademoiselle and Chanel Chance!

  6. I’ve worn CKin2U for 4 years now…if they don’t make it anymore when I run out soon I’m not sure what my scent will be! I’ll be on search as well 🙂 I love perfume.

  7. My favorite is Daisy by Marc Jacobs and it is wonderful! You can get a spritz the next time you are at nordstrom, and the bottle is as appealing as the scent!

  8. I think that is a lovely task to put on the list, after all every outfit is enhanced by scent not to mention lifting the mood!
    My current favorite is Burberry Classic, and in the spring Narciso Rodriguez For Her will be back in rotation as well. Also lovely to try is Armani Code For Her.