Rue Does NYC

Monday night was spent meeting my new friend Roxy for dinner and drinks at an adorable Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village. This girl is a kindred spirit in every sense of the word — enviable style, delightful sense of humor, and shared excitement for wherever life takes us next!
Then we hailed a cab to meet up with the Rue crew at The New Traditionalists‘ showroom in Soho. I was so thrilled to meet Ashlina for the first time! Here we are with Anne, Rue’s creative director.
It was so nice to catch up with Bri and Crystal, who with Anne are the brains behind the Rue operation.
Roxy and I had a hilarious conversation with Talis of V and M that included sharing pictures of his safari adventure (talk about a dream come true!).
At night’s end, I met my boyfriend at Grand Central, only to discover this madness…
…because Russell Brand was filming a remake Arthur

It was such a special night and I feel so blessed to have met big-time bloggers and darling readers in person for the first time. I am incredibly fortunate to have Rue Magazine in my life; to know that I’m contributing in even the smallest way to such a wonderful publication is a blessing that words cannot do justice. To Anne, Bri, and Crystal: you girls are fun, inspiring, stylish, unique — and know how to throw a party like nobody’s business!

{pictures 1 and 2 borrowed from My Cup of Te — thanks, Roxy!}

UPDATE: For those who asked, my dress is this sale number from J.Crew!

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  1. I always wonder how they film these, Ive never been in grand central when its not crowded…that includes 3am trecks back to westchester on the train!

  2. of course I rushed over right at 9 😉 Adore your recap! I think everyone who’s had the chance to meet you will agree that you are just too much, Mackenzie! So incredibly fun that we can laugh about the same things! Can we do NYC again soon? Possibly with our shared love of tequila in mind or maybe another candelit dinner? Of course minus the bum table and weak sauce tealights hahah