No. 3 + 4

Number three on my 101 in 1001 list is to move into my first apartment. As many of you know, I am graduating from college in May and have no idea where life will take me this next year. I’ll likely live at home for a few months to save up for my own first place, which brings me to number four: to have my first apartment published on a major blog or in an online magazine. You have to aim high!

{rest of my list here, image via here}

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  1. You have to dream big to make it big, darling. LOVE this. You have such fabulous style, you could definitely make your space uniquely yours and beautiful.

    PS I Love your blog make-over! Looks so Lovely.

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!


  2. I bet you already have so many ideas cooked up on how you want to decorate! Isn’t planning and daydreaming about designing a space just the best? Congrats on almost being done school! May will come before you know it 😉