Good Things Come In Small Packages

Carly from College Prep has me hooked on the idea of trying on a few items from J.Crew’s children’s collection Crewcuts. Before you conjure up any images of grown women squeezing into kiddie clothes, know that the clothing sizes go up to girls’ 14 and shoe sizes go up to women’s 6 or 7 depending on the style! That’s great news for those of us with tiny feet — and a tiny budget. Above are a few of the options I’m considering, particularly the desert boots which I’d pair with their lavender laces to make them a bit more feminine. Are you loving the bows and glitter as much as I am?

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  1. Oh, these are just darling! Lucky for me, I’m a size 6.5, so I might be able to squeeze into a pair! I love the second pair you’ve shown – the cute navy blue flats with the glittery toes. So adorable!

  2. I’ve been shopping at crewcuts forever, and I’m 23. The sales are especially good and the shipping is FREE. Jackpot.

  3. my feet are too big, but i OFTEN buy kids clothes! they’re less expensive and just as cute as adult clothes…i can even squeeze myself into a size 10 sometimes (depending on the style…for example, a tunic becomes a regular shirt). i’m totally with ya, mackenzie!


    ps. LOVED your guest post too!

  4. I can confirm — the crewcuts shoes can be worn for adults, I bought a pair of their loafers for significantly less than similar ones in the women’s line. They’re a little narrow though — so order a size up!

  5. Love being able to fit into children’s shoes, I bought some gladiator sandals from the kid’s department at Nordstrom last year…and for anyone with small enough feet you can buy kid’s Tory Burch shoes too!