Calm & Colorful

There is something about the combination of the unfussy photograph, traditional lighting, and modern chairs that draws me to this New York dining room designed by Iain Halliday.
I instantly recognized the print as the work of French photographer Christian Chaize. The above print, for sale by inexpensive art dealer 20×200, is part of a series in which Chaize photographed the same Portuguese beach at the same moment and from the same angle each day for the duration of his vacation. The result is at once calming and colorful — really, what’s not to love?

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  1. The first photo is stunning. I don’t know what part I love most (or want): the flowers, the table. the painting or the dress. I’ll take them all!

  2. Beautiful print. I love the placement of the umbrellas. It’s as if the artist set the picture up this way and all of the people are models.

  3. Just pinned this one! So gorgeous. I would get lost in staring at it for hours. Better yet… sitting on the beach! Gorgeous blog! So thrilled to have found you! Officially following now! xo, Erika