A Personal Favorite

Having personally uploaded all 200+ pictures from Rue’s third issue to the online gallery, I am thrilled to be able to share my favorite space from what was undeniably their (our?) best issue yet. The black and white palette of Sketch 42 blogger Nicole Cohen’s NYC apartment brings a little L.A. to the East Coast, don’t you think? My favorite details are the lucite bench, the chrome lamp, and the lighting in the kitchen. Did you know that Nicole sells her abstract art (pieces like the one in the first photo) in her Etsy shop? Too cool for words.

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  1. WOAH. First my jaw dropped after seeing that black and white striped chair – to-die-for. Then it dropped again after I read that she created the abstract art piece above it. Then I died when I read that she sells pieces like it on Etsy. TOO GOOD. I’ve been looking for abstract art that’s unqiue, good quality and aforable. I think I found it! Thankyousomuch for linking her Etsy shop 🙂 I even think she has some masculine pieces that could work for my boyfriends place… psyched!