A Bedroom After My Own Heart

Remember when I asked for help putting my personal style into words? (It’s no. 10 on my 101 in 1001 list.) A few of you tossed around the words glamorous, lived-in, and traditional. While I still need to perfect the definition (lived-in glamour? traditional with a twist?), I definitely think you were onto something. 
To me, this bedroom from new-to-me tumblr the house home embodies each of those three characteristics flawlessly. I get a lived-in vibe from the open door and unmade bed, which to some might look just messy but to me means comfortable and laid-back. The chandelier and the floor-skimming curtains are unapologetically glamorous, keeping out of the way and yet stealing the spotlight at the same time. Finally the balcony and the gold gilded mirror stand for time-honored tradition. My only change might be to swap out the bed for one of these platform beds — less vacuuming and more storage! What do you think of this space and my efforts to explain my aesthetic? Feel free to help : )

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  1. i love mixing and matching themes in interiors. it seems so much less stodgy! i think you hit the nail on the head with your description…as for your own style? i think it will continue to evolve as you grow as a designer. welcome the change!

  2. Great room! Love the gold mirror above the bed – it really works well with the chandelier.
    I’d say it’s traditional and relaxed with glamorous highlights.

  3. I think that bedroom epitomizes lived-in glamour. I can only imagine that the view outside is just as romantic (I feel like that room should be in the South of France or somewhere similarly lovely)!