The Design Dialogues {Helen Davis & Heather Hogan Roberts}

Today’s edition of The Design Dialogues features the charming Heather and Helen of H&H Home, a home furnishings site based in Atlanta. With aspirations of designing an H&H textile collection and a St. Barth’s resort, these are definitely two ladies to put on your radar. Without further ado, I’m pleased to introduce Heather and Helen!
Helen Davis and Heather Hogan Roberts of H&H Home.

Who you are: 
Heather Hogan Roberts and Helen H. Davis

What you do: 
Owners of H&H Home

Where you do it:

Chairs from H&H Home featured in Atlanta boutique Tootsies.
Five words to describe yourselves…
Heather: Bold, direct, good listener, animal lover, wine drinker.
Helen: Creative, charismatic, eclectic, bossy (at least I admit it?), witty.

How do you describe your aesthetic?
Heather: Preppy, vintage chic.
Helen: Modern eclectic.

Who are your style icons?
Helen: Iris Apfel and Kelly Wearstler.
Heather: My mother and my grandmother.

Heather and her daughter, Crosby, flock to the East Coast in the summertime.

Favorite destination
Heather: The North Shore of Boston. I grew up there and there is nothing like being home in the summer.
Helen: In the fall or winter, my family’s farm in northern Georgia. In the spring or summer, any place attached to an ocean.

Favorite quote
Helen: “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” —Coco Chanel
Heather: “It is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room as it is to wear sport shoes with an evening dress.” —Dorothy Draper

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” 
—Coco Chanel

Favorite site
Heather: Perez Hilton. I shared a cab with him one fashion week years back in New York City and I’m totally obsessed with him.
Helen: Ours of course! But for clothes, Les Nouvelles.

Favorite store
Helen: 4510 in Dalas. The best one-stop shopping in the country!
Heather: Any flea market. I can find the gem in a pile of junk. Does that sound weird?

“I can find the gem in a pile of junk. 
Does that sound weird?”

Favorite thing to read
Helen: Currently reading Keith Richards’s autobiography, Life. Elle Decor and all things Domino (RIP!).
Heather: Any of the new e-zines: Lonny, Rue, High Gloss. And the new Architectural Digest; Peggy Russell is amazing.

Favorite thing to watch
Heather: The Jersey Shore. Seriously can’t get enough.
Helen: Bravo. Period.

Favorite thing to wear
Heather: My vintage emerald ring, a gift from my husband this past Mother’s Day. It was his grandmother’s!
Helen: Anything that can be worn with a fabulous pair of shoes. Nicholas Kirkwood is my all-time favorite shoe guru. He’s a genius! The higher the heel, the better!

Editor’s note: I sort of stopped breathing when I saw Heather and Helen’s styling work on their website. Hello, perfection.

How did you decide this is what you wanted to do?
Heather: I have always loved anything anything home-related. I especially love old homes and have restored three of my own so far. Some people relax on the weekends. I like to go to Home Depot.
Helen: We started out as fashion girls in New York. My first love will always be fashion but, when I moved to Atlanta a little over a year ago, I realized quickly that my fashion background easily translated into home design. Picking or styling an outfit is much like selecting a fabric or a color swatch. In both cases you want your choices to be fabulous and to represent you in a beautiful way.

Party favors at a launch event for H&H Home.

What is the most glamorous aspect of your job?
Heather: Getting to be featured in the press. It is surreal to see your name in print!
Helen: We love to throw parties to celebrate H&H happenings with our friends so I think that would be the most glamorous part. Any excuse to pop open a bottle of champagne!

And the least glamorous aspect?
Heather: Having to be the CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, and Accountant.
Helen: Most everything, especially in the beginning. We’ve been able to hand off some of the dirty work but, for the most part, we still do everything ourselves. Schlepping to upholsterers and dumpster diving for great vintage finds can get ugly!

“Some people relax on the weekends. 
I like to go to Home Depot.” 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Heather: Be a good listener. Take in as much as you can when meeting with clients and don’t assume anything.
Helen: It’s a total cliché but “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I really believe that what you put out is what you get back!

And the advice you’d offer aspiring enterpreneurs?
Heather: Try not to get frustrated. And don’t give up.
Helen: Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people! We would never have created H&H Home without the encouragement of our friends and family.

Where would you like to be a year from now?
Helen: Healthy and happy. And maybe opening our own brick-and-mortar store?
Heather: Designing a resort in St. Barth’s!

A handful of items on Heather and Helen’s wishlists…
Three items on your to do list.
Helen: Find the perfect window treatment fabric for a client, get a manicure, finish the other 300 tasks on my to do list.
Heather: Taxes, taxes, and taxes. Enough said.

Three items on your wishlist.

Helen: Monogrammed Goyard tote in orange (and a matching version for Heather!), a Kendall Conrad leopard iPad case, and World’s Away white Pagoda side tables (just bought them for a client and now I must have them!).

Heather: My entire house painted, a new car (two kids and a pug have trashed my SUV), a full-time nanny.

Three items on your bucket list.
Heather: Visit Bergamo, Italy, to see my friend Joanna and her new baby, own a house on the beach, and meet Anderson Cooper.
Helen: Design textile collection for H&H Home, learn Italian, and have dinner with Jay-Z. But isn’t that on everyone’s bucket list?

– – – 

Thank you, Heather and Helen! Aren’t they wonderful? Don’t forget to check out their beautiful site!

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