Quote Du Jour {From My Grandmother}

Dear Kenzie,

I am enjoying Design Darling immensely. It’s like reliving my young life over again. The gorgeous nipped-in waist dress of last week was almost a duplicate of my engagement dress, perhaps proving that everything old is new again! Claw foot tubs and dark tile was the decor in the 1930s and we thought it very spiffy… Must close as there are too many interruptions.

Love you big, 


There’s nothing like your grandmother’s design approval and unconditional love to let you know you’re on the right track.

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  1. I love this! I am so glad I found your site. I loved it even before I realized it was you, and since I realized it, I’ve been obsessed! I’m sure my entire sorority has this as their home page. I hope to see you this summer so we can catch up on life.

  2. Adore this to pieces! How chic is your Grandmother with her Nantucket basket…and Grandy…I so want to be called that one day!(in the far far future…to be clear:) )

  3. That is sooooo sweet! How darling is she with her basket purse and cute hat! I love that you call her Grandy. I have not heard that … I’ve heard Grammy, Grandma… I like Grandy. I am going to be one soon (in 6 months!!!) so thinking about all of that. 😉