A Little Color, A Lot of Impact

This living room is a little too rustic for my taste but I think it proves a major point: you don’t have to spend lots to achieve high style. In fact, just one surprise — in this case, the pop of the yellow throw pillow against a sea of neutral tans and whites — is all it takes to go from blah to blown away.

{Cottage Living via The House Home}

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  1. i would like this decoration if it was for a cabin in the woods …like a vacation in the wilderness you know? i wouldn’t like it for my actual home =/ if it wasn’t for the yellow pops here and there, this room would be really boring, i agree with you!! the black and white pillows are cool though. what do you think about a white carpet or deep hardwood flooring? for some reason, the tan carpet looks so bland 🙁 . thanks for the tips!!! 🙂