Write The Rainbow

I always carry an extra notebook to jot down thoughts as they come to me: blog posts, to do lists, and ideas for the brilliant business I intend to build (once I have my lightbulb moment, that is). These colorful notebooks by Paperthinks are ideal for this habit; they’re reasonably priced at $17 and, best of all, they’re made of 100% recycled leather. A way to go green but carry pink? Kate’s Paperie knows me too well.

11 thoughts on “Write The Rainbow

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  1. Yes! Me too! I have a blue moleskin notebook from Florence that I always carry in my purse to jot down my next business idea! Those notebooks are adorable though…and love that they are recycled!

  2. I love having a notepad in pad to write ideas but always have a hard time finding the perfect one. I prefer blank pages for my sketches, I will check their website to check if they carry a version like that cause I love all the color options…