The Design Dialogues {Mrs. Lilien}

I pretty much cried tears of joy when Kelley Lilien agreed to participate in The Design Dialogues. A busy Mrs. with a styling house and a delightful blog under her belt, Kelley has a covetable style that’s all her own. I could not be more enamored with her punchy portfolio, her poetic blog posts, and her cheery outlook on life. Without further ado, my very favorite Mrs.!

Never has a stylist’s portfolio made me quite this happy.

Who you are: 
Mrs. Kelley Lilien

What you do: 
Prop Stylist + Graphic Designer + Poetic Blogstress

Where you do it: 
Coronado, California

Pictures from the “7 Persuasions of a Successful Mrs.” shoot that Kelley styled for her portfolio.

Five words to describe yourself… 
Enthusiastic, convivial, ostentatious, passionate, and excitable.
How do you define your aesthetic? 
Old school country club cocktail party meets modern day glam on her way to the glitter parade.
Who are your style icons? 
Carmen Miranda, Lilly Pulitzer and Cher.

This Mrs. thinks of everything. Design is in the details!

Favorite destination: 
I have a soft spot for Palm Springs, but say Ibiza and my knees go weak.
Favorite quote: 
“The sky’s the limit!”
Favorite site: 
It changes all the time; however, today I am really loving Pintrest. Admittedly, I’m late to the party, but I’m having all kinds of fun with this!
Favorite store: 
Jonathan Adler, it’s the happiest place on earth.

I have always loved this shot!

Favorite thing to read: 
The thesaurus.
Favorite thing to watch: 
Re-runs of The French Chef with Julia Child.
Favorite thing to wear: 
Giant costume jewelry and bright lipstick.

Kelley (second from right) and friends pose for another portfolio shot.

How did you decide to launch your own styling house? 
I concocted my imaginary dream job and, with some good advice and encouragement, I made it happen.
What is the most glamorous aspect of your job? 
Spirited praise from perfect strangers and getting recognized in public.

And the least glamorous aspect? 
Late nights, long hours, closets bursting at the seams with mounds of carnival-esque items.
What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 
Knowledge is power.
And the advice you’d offer aspiring entrepreneurs? 
Follow your heart. If you have the talent to back up your dreams, everything will fall into place.

Mrs. Lilien’s dream home.

Three tasks on your to do list. 
My to do lists frighten me; I’d prefer not to talk about them!
Three items on your wishlist.
1. Caviar Sudan Sunglasses 
2. Giant Inflatable Pool Swan 
3. Meyer Lemon Tree
Three tasks on your bucket list. 
1. Ride a camel in the Arabian dessert.  
2. Live in London for a year.
3. Have a heart-shaped pool like Jayne Mansfield in my back yard!
– – –
Thank you so much for participating, Mrs. Lilien! Isn’t she fabulous, everyone? If you’re like me and can’t get enough of her work and witticisms, do check out her blog and portfolio!

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  1. I just discovered your blog and SO thankful I did. This seems like especially good timing because Mrs. Lilien’s blog is one of my favorites! Her personality is so vibrant and I remember reading a quote from Anh-Minh Le (Anthology magazine’s editor-in-chief) who said that Kelley Lilien is just as intelligent and vibrant in person. This is such a great interview and I laughed out loud out of pure joy when Kelley put an inflatable swan as one of her wish list items!

  2. I love her blog…this was a great interview…so bright and cheery, and I loved how her unique and fabulous design sensibilities shone through the images!

  3. I loved what she shared about creating her very own dream job, words I will keep as good advice. Great post. I am a new follower, so I feel very fortunate to be here.

    Lisa xx