Forever Favorite

My love of navy blue (see my “about” page) is here to stay and I’m happy to report that the design world is in agreement. How stunning is the use of my favorite hue in these interiors? The navy and white toile wallpaper in the Lonny bathroom is a charming twist on my favorite powder room. The second space features a very rich shade and sticks to a rather monochromatic palette. I spy a very classic Hermès blanket and a wonderfully preppy skull-embroidered velvet pillow! The third interior, designed by Windsor Smith and featured in the pages of Rue, suggests a compromise for those unable to paint or paper their walls: floor-length curtains! The saturated silk is delightfully dramatic — and this navy-loving lady can’t get enough.

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  1. So beautiful. I’ve always loved navy (well, as far as I remember). The 2nd one is just so wonderful – I really like the purple flowers for a little change of pace. I also love that artwork – it stands out so well in the room – they really compliment each other.