Steven Gambrel in Southampton

{Gambrel matches the door trim to the vaulted ceiling in elegant glossy black. The kelly green sofa and ottoman provide a welcome contrast to the moody palette. Don’t you love the red trim on the lampshades and the Missoni fabric on the armchairs?}

I’m very intrigued by this Southampton home designed by New York interior designer Steven Gambrel. It’s a far cry from the beachy palette of our summer home on Nantucket (blue, white, yellow) but that’s exactly what piques my curiosity!

{I love the combination of gray and red-orange in this end of the room. The unexpected textual art is an interesting touch and one that I would love to recreate in one of my own projects.}
{The playful op-art floor tile picks up on the black subway tiles and white hood in this high-tech-meets-rustic kitchen. Notice the contrast between the modern open shelving and the worn farmhouse table — delightful!}
{Wood benches are an unlikely alternative to traditional dining chairs. They might not be very comfy but they definitely work from an aesthetic perspective! I love that the doors open up onto some sort of terrace. How great would it be to cook with the beachy breeze and fresh air so close?}

It’s definitely not your average beach home but I love it just the same. How about you?

{P.S. I think I’m going to switch back to two posts a day. It would give me the time to write up a longer post like this one every now and then as opposed to short, one picture posts. What do you think?}

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  1. Love the touches of green and that the kitchen opens to a terrace!

    And I think a mix of short and long posts is perfect : )

    Love your blog!

  2. Hi Mackenzie. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved with your blog even before graduating. What a lovely – and adtraditional -Hamptons house. We rent one each summer and I love seeing the different styles of homes amidst the picturesque towns. If you’re ever out there you must check out a home accessories store in Amagansett called “Decorum” – it’s a visual feast! As far as the blog posts go, I think a mix of long and short posts is key – quality is first and foremost what draws me to a blog, but so do regular updates and witty picture features. Keep up the good work xx

  3. Mackenzie, you’re such a gem for incorporating our suggestions! I know, you want to please your readers, but it’s also your blog and in the end you can do whatever you want to. So thank you!

    On another note: I usually don’t like dark and dreary spaces, but there’s something about these rooms that catch my interest quite a bit!

    xo, Gabriella