A Rustic Retreat

{The inviting front porch of Trina and her family’s country home.}

I’ve slowly been making my way through the blogs recommended in my reader survey last week and I am just blown away by how much beauty is out there! Thank you all for sharing your favorites. One of my happiest discoveries has been A Country Farmhouse, a lifestyle blog that chronicles the renovation of Trina and her husband’s home as well as a few of her passions: “country life, antiques, old houses, and healthy living.” I’ve never found myself pining for a country cottage so badly!

{The white walls and neutral furniture of the living room exude calm and serenity. What I wouldn’t give to curl up by that fire!}
{In addition to having an eye for architecture and interior design, Trina is a brilliant photographer and stylist. I love this open display in their kitchen.}
{I love the contrast between the home’s white walls and the couple’s collection of antiques. The blank canvas gives the dark woods new life!}
{Have you ever seen a more darling setting for a dinner party? I adore the antique tablecloth and the hydrangeas spilling onto the porch.}
{Trina frequently shares pictures of farm-fresh flowers, styled into flawless little vignettes in her own home. The eye candy is endless!}
{There are just no words to describe that view.}

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  1. I would totally live there! Beautiful. Love all the neutrals and the flowers. The porch is wonderful…my future home MUST have a porch!

  2. Hi!!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Sorry for the late response – my arms are actually free for a few minutes (twins are asleep) so I’m typing quickly before I hear them stirring.

    Love your blog – what a great new discovery, can’t wait to look around.

    X Trina